Quality has become a major element in the life of the Company. This is one component of the management of the company as well as financial criteria, technical, commercial and social.

Technical compliance is ensured by the compliance process and written tests can be performed, during production and end of production. The first condition of success of a quality management is the men and is the main task of the entire coaching and especially the Quality Manager who is the driving force and the facilitator.

The application of the Quality Policy is adapted to the requirements of the contracts. Its operation can not, under any circumstances, be questioned.

The negotiation of the terms quality customer seeks to highlight the real needs of the client.

The Quality Manager is the guarantor of the application of quality. It is the only one authorized to change all documents Quality.

Quality of documentation Laygue & Sons consists of the following:

A Quality Manual describing the steps taken in terms of system quality management;
Procedures meeting the standards issues;
Instructions describing a specific procedure;
Media used for documentation of working papers;
Fact sheets describing the process control of our processes.


  • NF EN ISO 9000: System of Quality Management. Fundamentals and Vocabulary
  • NF EN ISO 9004: System management qualité.Lignes Guidelines for performance improvements
  • NF EN ISO 9001: System of Quality Management. requirements
  • ISO 13485: Medical devices – Quality management systems for quality. Requirements for regulatory purposes
  • EN 9100: System of Quality Management
  • ISO 10007: A system of quality management. Guidelines for Configuration Management
  • XP prEN 9130: Quality systems – Document Filing
  • ISO 14971: Application of risk management to medical devices
  • NF EN 980: Graphical symbols for use in the labeling of medical devices
  • NF EN 9102: Quality Systems – Review the first section