The company

Founded in 1947, LAYGUE AND SON is a family company headed by Anthony LAYGUE.


We are a leading manufacturer for precision machining of parts and assembly of subassemblies for aerospace.

Our turnover in 2011 was 3.9 million, it employs 32 people.

We are involved in aerospace programs include:

Airbus A320 -A380, A350, A400M, Boeing 787 (Portes), Dassault, Falcon

Our main customers are:

Latécoère, Dassault Aviation, ASCO

Our know-how

All parts are made by our technicians, who combine knowledge and control of high-tech tools.

LAYGUE AND SON uses CNC machines to produce parts and hard metal alloy. Also thanks to our recent acquisition of production tooling, precision machining center for 3-4-5 axes and center of Turning / Milling (Total of 26 CNC machines), our productivity is suitable for the aerospace market civilian and military. Our MIS, we can ensure control of the logistics requirements of our customers.


The company LAYGUE AND SON is also present in the market for oil exploration including geophysical research.

Control of its production tools and know-how, allow the company to make complex parts such as drill heads, bodies and various relay room documents relating to the oil sector.


LAYGUE AND SON is also a major player in medical devices and components it closer.

His expertise and know-how mastered allow it to offer its customers a wide range of high quality products in compliance with quality standards of the industry.