The activity of LAYGUE & Son is precision engineering in various industries (Medical, Aerospace, Oil Search, Railway, ….), which share their field of application requires accurate sustained a compliance with specifications pointed, regulatory and legal requirements incumbent upon these areas.

The desire to LAYGUE & Son is to make every effort to establish a lasting relationship of trust with its customers.

We are commited to :

  • Continually improve processes;
  • Be the constant concern to apply the procedures in place;
  • Ensure the evolution of the quality of the business;
  • Maintain its effectiveness;
  • Ensure the level of men and means used;
  • To offer its customers the results obtained with this Quality Policy,
  • Integrating environmental policy to contribute to the preservation of our ecosystem.

For these reasons, the company LAYGUE & Sons is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (§ 7.3 excluded) to satisfy customers in the medical and EN 9100 (§ 7.3 excluded) for the aerospace industry. It s relies on the team is its staff and the skills of each.

The Department shall secure the services of a quality manager,Benjamin LEDRUX and delegate its powers in a completely independent organization, to solve all the problems related to quality management.

For its part, the Department is committed to providing the resources necessary for the proper operation of the System Quality Management.